Adaptive Leadership Styles

Recently I had the honor of contributing to a podcast by Impact Teams Radio on authentic and adaptive leadership. The Podcast, episode 24, addresses the ways to best communicate the value of people on a company’s bottom line. The biggest factor in a company’s success is maximizing the way that their people are working together to produce optimum results.

Here’s some key adaptive leadership learnings from the podcast:

  • As a leader, you have to constantly revisit the execution process to make sure everything runs smoothly.
  • Authentic leadership starts with self-awareness, knowing where your strengths lie, and accept that things that can be challenging for you.
  • Leadership means understanding that you don’t always have the answers but having the courage to ask others to bring their insights to get those answers.
  • Curiosity is a key component of leadership – always be curious and receptive to finding new ideas.
  • Delegation is not the same as empowerment. Empowering others can bring even greater results than simply delegating.
  • With growth, either personally or as a company, comes challenges. One of the biggest challenges for leaders of growing teams is to know how to step out of the weeds and the day-to-day.
  • As a leader, you have to increase your adaptability and be flexible.
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