After leading an essential Emergenetics® workshop, I’ve found that Associates often feel pressured to deliver entirely new Emergenetics content the next time that they meet with their participants to continue their learning journey. I understand the inclination. Once attendees have been amazed by the essential workshop or debrief experience, Associates naturally want to deliver another master class.  

The truth is that masterpieces do not have to involve entirely new content to wow participants. By incorporating familiar elements from their first introduction and building on past programming, practitioners will reinforce their attendees’ knowledge, deepen their understanding, expand their applications and still leave their learners with new, eye-opening insights.  

To engage participants, I’ll share a few ideas about how Associates can repurpose existing content from the Meeting of the Minds and Team Dynamics for Small Groups as well as offer inspiration for next steps to continue designing training works of art built on Emergenetics theory. 

Revisiting Essential Workshop Sessions 

When practitioners come to our Relationship Managers for ideas about what to do after a workshop, we ask about the dynamics of the organization they are working with and whether the session was completed for an intact team or a cross-functional group. 

If the program was hosted for a department, I often suggest bringing together multiple divisions or cross-functional project teams for a Meeting of the Minds. While the Attributes may be familiar to some, expanding the workshop allows participants to: 

  • Have a higher chance of experiencing cognitive diversity in action and seeing its impact on work styles 
  • Step outside of their comfort zones and gain an understanding of their colleagues in different departments 
  • Learn to work and communicate better cross-functionally 

If the session was hosted for multiple people in different departments, Team Dynamics for Small Groups is a great next step. Host this experience to help intact teams: 

  • Discover tangible insights to improve department collaboration  
  • Allow for greater discussion around psychological safety for the group 
  • Identify specific takeaways to strengthen team performance  

Reimagining Known Activities 

Once these primers are in place, Associates can reinforce learning by retooling activities from the Meeting of the Minds and their Certification program. 

Behavioral Lineups and Thinking Walkabouts 

The lineups and walkabouts encourage teammates to reflect on their preferences as well as consider how their Thinking and Behavioral tendencies may impact work styles and relationships. When using lineups and walkabouts as refreshers, these prompts are great thought starters. 

Brainwork Made Easy 

A second resource that inspires productive conversation is Brainwork Made Easy, which reveals the strengths of each Attribute as well as common misconceptions. It also provides tips to help people bridge intent-impact gaps.  

Teams can improve trust and identify specific changes to better honor and respect the working preferences of their colleagues. For considerations to guide these conversations, use this worksheet. 


Viewing challenges or project planning through the Emergenetics template creates a safe space for equal participation, encourages participants to think outside of their preferences and generates a holistic, innovative solution. Use WEboarding as a team activity to reinforce their understanding and application of Emergenetics in their day-to-day work as well as to reveal any potential blind spots for the team.  

Emergenetics Blogs 

A third resource practitioners can tap into is our weekly blog, which can be used as job aids or thought starters with internal teams and external clients. Visiting our blog, practitioners will find many posts assessing different workplace challenges through the lens of the Attributes. They can also use the themes to identify potential topics of discussion for WEboarding sessions, walkabouts and lineup activities. 

Every Associate will have their own distinct needs to support their stakeholders, so I invite practitioners to make notes about the common challenges they face, such as employee engagement, communication or well-being. Then, click on the relevant topics in the left-hand menu of our blog to identify content to implement in an upcoming session. 

The activities I shared above are great starting points to expand on participants’ knowledge and help them apply the Attributes for improved collaboration and performance. If you find that you could still use more inspiration and ideas, I invite you to attend The Artistry of Emergenetics. 

The session empowers Associates with more tools to customize and craft learning experiences tailored to the needs of their participants. In the course, attendees gain access to a series of new activities designed by our internal experts. They will also build skills in using a WEapproach to uncover the obstacles and needs of customers so practitioners can adapt activities to meet their clients’ goals. It’s a great supplement for anyone who wants to learn more about personalizing curriculum using an Emergenetics lens. 

For more information about this course and other egElectives, visit our website or fill out the form below to speak with one of our team members today! 


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