Balance is something that we all seek in every aspect of our life. The workplace is no different. We want to be seen as diligent but not overbearing, friendly but not too personal, easygoing while still driving company goals forward.

Is this attainable? Is there really an ideal manager or an ideal team member? Our philosophy (and it’s been proven in the workplace) is that there is no singular ideal approach to management or work.

Each Profile is perfect. We are all brilliant in our own right.

If that is true, then why are some people more successful than others when it comes to leading a team? Because there are success factors and key performance indicators that equate to measurable, actualized outputs—higher trust, workplace accountability, goal achievement, and more.

The key to harnessing this brilliance, reaching goals and having success in the workplace comes from a true understanding of your preferences and how they could either work for you or against you. Awareness is crucial!

The truth of the matter is that each one of us is different. Our behaviors fall on a spectrum, and while we can all behave at one end of the spectrum or another, we tend to find a happy place at one point on the line. We are who we are.

All too often people are unaware of how their behaviors affect others. This lack of knowledge undercuts your authority as a leader. Understanding of how you behave and appear to others is the first step to monitoring and shifting your approach with those you lead.

When you are aware of your behavioral preferences you can be a more authentic leader. Authentic leadership yields higher levels of trust; people are better able to relate to you. You can have more impact when your team knows what to expect from you than if they are uncertain about which “you” they’ll encounter one day to the next.. This makes self-awareness your secret weapon for success.

The first step to self-awareness? Take an Emergenetics Profile!

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