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If you realized just how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought. – Anonymous

There is so much truth behind the importance of having an optimistic outlook. Beyond quotes like the one above, there’s a significant amount of research into the impact of positive psychology on achievement, persistence and physical health. These studies offer many reasons for educators to consider integrating affirmations into their classrooms.

When kids use these encouraging statements on a regular basis, it can lead to stronger self-esteem, increased wellbeing and improved educational performance and motivation. Affirmations have also been shown to promote greater adaptability and perseverance in times of challenge while still empowering people to maintain their sense of self.

One way that I like to look at these affirming declarations is through the lens of the Emergenetics Attributes. By creating phrases that home in on the brilliances of each preference, kids can celebrate the strengths of their preferred Thinking and Behavioral styles and apply them as a source of motivation to advance a growth mindset.

For educators who are seeking inspiration for affirming statements to introduce to their students, you can use some ideas from the list below!

Affirmations for Every Emergenetics Attribute

To speak to logic and reasoning of the Analytical preference, encourage students to use assertions like:

  • I will become an expert in this topic.
  • I have the capacity to reach my goals.
  • I am an excellent problem solver.

The Structural Attribute values practicality and order and kids with this preference might like:

  • My follow-through and commitment will allow me to succeed.
  • Today will be a productive day.
  • I can accomplish anything by taking it one step at a time.

Often empathetic and relational, those with a Social preference can affirm their self-worth with:

  • I’m helping people with my actions.
  • I create space for my feelings and am kind to myself.
  • My teachers and classmates care about me.

The Conceptual Attribute enjoys novelty and whimsy. Learners with this preference are likely to find motivation with declarations such as:

  • Today is going to be filled with wonder!
  • I will discover new possibilities today.
  • I have great ideas.

To honor the Expressiveness spectrum and connect with the many ways youth prefer to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas, you can share the following phrases with your students:

First-third –

  • My thoughts are important and worth sharing.
  • I will make time to process my thoughts.

Second-third –

  • My voice matters.

Third-third –

  • I can share my thoughts fully and freely.
  • My enthusiasm is contagious.

The Assertiveness Attribute speaks to the pace and style with which people like to express their ideas and opinions. Support the different approaches with expressions like:

First-third –

  • Every day, I’m making progress.
  • I am growing into a better learner.

Second-third –

  • I will embrace the pace that I need to accomplish my goals.

Third-third –

  • I’m an unstoppable force of nature.
  • Obstacles are just sources of motivation!

To encourage the Flexibility spectrum, integrate statements that align with the ways that kids typically navigate imposed change, such as:

First-third –

  • I am focused and decisive.
  • I will set my direction and move forward.

Second-third –

  • I have the power to navigate any changes that come my way.

Third-third –

  • I embrace and consider all my options.
  • I will change my course when I want to and still arrive at my destination.

Three Ways to Implement Affirmations

#1 – Use a Grab Bag

Borrowing from the list above – and any other positive assertions you prefer – write down or print out each declaration on a small piece of paper. Then, add the statements to a hat, box or bag, and have kids to pick one out each day when they walk into class, read it out loud and place it back.

#2 – Create a Wall of Affirmations

Another option is to list out the expressions on a board and hang it on a wall. Each day, ask learners to proactively select one declaration to inspire their day. Emergenetics Facilitators can even encourage youth to pick one phrase according to their preferred Attributes or invite them to choose something outside of their preferences to support ongoing growth.

#3 – Write Your Own

These affirmations are a great starting point. I also recognize that there are many days in the school year, so students may need some more options. Involve the class in the process of creating additional constructive statements to add to the grab bag or include in the wall. Emergenetics Facilitators can turn this into an activity by asking kids to use the Attributes as a guide and share ideas for their preferred Thinking and Behavioral Attributes.

Having a positive mindset is not just a nice way to start the day. It also helps learners to be more successful in school, increase confidence in their capabilities and help them feel good about themselves. With the ideas above, educators will be well on their way to boosting achievement and self-esteem!

Curious to learn how else the Emergenetics Attributes can inspire your students’ success? Explore our youth programs or fill out the form below to speak with one of our teammates today.


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