Discussing and working at the Office

I am currently attending the American Marketing Association’s Virtual Seminar and in the midst of blogging, Tweeting, Facebooking, Emailing and had two co-workers come into my office to ask me a question. And…guess what…I’m loving it! What does this tell you, as clearly I’m imagining that not everyone is looking at multitasking in this same manner. To me it is another example of finding the right niche for your work. My job and my company are geared to allow me to engage in this kind of work…and that works for me. I am more productive and more effective when I can tap into different elements of my work.

Action point Graph 5Of course, my Emergenetics Profile looks like this…

It makes sense—I like connecting new ideas and new people. I thrive in an atmosphere where I am not singly focused. As I blog here, I’m tapping into my Analytical brain to think through how my work is flowing, why this blog post will be interesting to our audience, and what the logic behind it is for our company as a whole. I’m using the blog to Express myself to all of you. It fits me perfectly…but the key is differentiation.

When we talk about creating an effective and productive workplace for the entire workforce, we are speaking about the need to build and maintain mini-climates that appeal and bolster the way employees work throughout the organization or team. Check out this interesting blog post that points to the necessity to foster this kind of diverse thinking: Creative Leadership Forum

How do you facilitate an environment of innovation, creativity, productivity and results at your organization? Is it through extending differentiated work styles based on employee strengths? If not, try it out and see how cognitive diversity and facilitating a productive workplace can make things really thrive.

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