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How many times have you seen employee communication break down because of a misplaced or ill-timed remark, a conflicting personality element, or a top-down or silo approach to an issue or a project?

It happens all the time, and often something this simple can derail initiatives, destroy relationships, and poison an atmosphere. So how do you go from miscommunication to celebration?

Well, here are three tips for improving workplace communication:

  1. Get a plan! Great communication and workplaces don’t just happen, they need to be tied to business objectives, clearly laid out and understood, and have the full support and involvement of all employees–from leaders on down. Check out this article from smart business: “First, no one strategy fits all companies…In all cases, companies need to develop a communications strategy that supports their mission, is sustainable, aligns employees with the business strategy and allows them to understand their role.”
  2. Really listen to your employees! Communication goes two ways and leaders must do more than have an open ear and communicate frequently; it’s about providing an open, trust-laden forum for employees to speak in the way that they know how. Here’s what the Harvard Business Review says on the matter: We and others have found that employees are much more likely to be forthcoming when their input is solicited.
  3. Encourage different opinions and approaches! You know your employees are all different – they act, communicate, and interact uniquely. So don’t make an “ideal employee” mold; find out how employees best communicate and harness that. With Emergenetics, we focus on creating and utilizing differentiated strategies based on each person’s Profile. For example, Analytical thinkers need to communicate very differently than Structural thinkers. It’s about providing each the forum and the respect to make it happen.
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