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We often make the assumption that when someone is to be recognized and/or an accomplishment is to be celebrated, the bigger the celebration the better! While this may be true for 33% of the population, this isn’t always the case for the other 67%.

Depending on where an individual scores on the Expressiveness spectrum – which is defined as the outward display of emotion towards others and the world at large – a person may prefer to celebrate with one individual or a small group of close friends.

Let’s say you’re planning a celebratory party. How would someone on each side of the spectrum celebrate?

  • First-thirds: Individuals who fall in the first-third of Expressiveness (0-33 percentile) process information internally and prefer quiet environments where they are able to hear their own thoughts. They would be energized at a celebration where they have the opportunity to engage with a few people and perhaps may even enjoy capping the celebration off by having quiet time to themselves.
  • Third-thirds: Individuals who fall in the third-third of Expressiveness (67 – 100 percentile) prefer to talk out their thoughts and are often energized by large groups of people. In this situation you may find them partaking in many different conversations and engaging with various people. At the end of the celebration they may be the first to suggest heading to a bar to continue the festivities!

Don’t forget about those that fall into the second-third of this behavior. This “it depends” group may engage on one-on-one interactions or they may appear gregarious and start in on a Conga line!

Next time you’re planning a celebration, take time to consider how each person may enjoy the celebration, considering where they fall on the Expressiveness spectrum.

Celebrate on!

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