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Good leaders and managers proactively seek insights into the most effective ways to guide, coach and support their team members and colleagues. Their pursuit of improvement might involve studying for an advanced degree, completing a certification program or reading the works of leadership gurus – past and present.

At Emergenetics International, we know that the best chance to become a great leader is right at your fingertips. Studies have shown that the most successful leaders are highly self-aware. If you are willing to do the work to understand yourself, you create an abundance of opportunities to better serve your people and your organization.

Whether you are a manager with direct reports, a leader emerging as a trailblazer or an educator shaping the futures of staff and students, you will benefit from investing in your professional development. We can help you explore your strengths, identify potential blind spots as well as recognize how and when to flex to navigate unexpected workplace situations.

Organizations and Nonprofits

Self-understanding has been shown to help leaders improve their workplace effectiveness, relationships with colleagues, decision quality, conflict management and coordination. Develop and adapt your approach to create an open, positive culture that values growth.

K-12 Education and Higher Education

District leaders, school administrators and educators have great responsibility for the well-being of staff and students. Use self-awareness as a tool of empowerment as you navigate the unique needs of your stakeholders, support the growth of your team and cultivate a positive school climate and culture.

Improve Your Self-Awareness

Whether you are on a personal journey or have a group of colleagues that are interested in pursuing heightened self-knowledge, we have a program that is right for your organization.

Individual Emergenetics Profile

Gain helpful insights into the seven powerful characteristics that inform your work style including your preferences for our Behavioral (Expressiveness, Assertiveness, Flexibility) and Thinking (Analytical, Structural, Social, Conceptual) Attributes. You can use your Emergenetics Profile to enhance your self-awareness, emotional intelligence, productivity and personal effectiveness.

Team Dynamics for
Small Groups

Three to nine participants

Our introductory virtual workshop empowers attendees to discover their personalized and collective preferences. Providing a foundational understanding of Emergenetics, Team Dynamics for Small Groups gives teams practical applications and insights to enhance communication and collaboration to achieve greater results.

Meeting of the Minds

10 or more participants

Our signature workshop – the Meeting of the Minds – can be delivered virtually or in person. Attendees learn to use their strengths to achieve their potential while organizations discover the tools to maximize performance and enhance workplace culture. Designed for adult learners, the program’s content is simple to understand, immediately applicable and engaging to all

All workshop participants complete our scientifically valid and reliable questionnaire to generate their personal Emergenetics Profile to understand the ways they prefer to think and behave. With a better understanding of who you are and knowledge of the seven Emergenetics Attributes, you will learn to communicate more effectively, lean into others’ strengths and gain a greater appreciation for cognitive diversity.

Everyone with an Emergenetics Profile has free access to our industry-first mobile app – available to all Apple and Android users. With a solid foundation, you can also utilize our self-directed eLearning courses to amplify leadership skills and easily expand your applications of Emergenetics!

Emergenetics in Action

“I’ve had a lot of feedback from our leaders that have experienced Emergenetics, describing how the knowledge and the learning is resulting in better conversations between colleagues, resulting in improved relationships and more effective ways of working.”

Kosta Christofi | Former Senior Learning Specialist, Santander Bank

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