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Beyond the personal changes that facilitators, trainers and Learning & Development (L&D) teams may be facing as they shift to remote working themselves, they are also experiencing great change in the way they deliver their programming.

Earlier this year, LinkedIn’s 2020 Workplace Learning Report stated that a little more than half of L&D professionals expected to spend more of their budget on online learning. With the recent pandemic and in-person programs on hold, I’d imagine that figure has increased significantly as organizations are pivoting into virtual training models.

I can say from experience that it is no easy feat to quickly adjust your in-person workshops so that they can be offered virtually, and it is worth the investment of time, energy and money.

Why Investing in Virtual Training Matters

While we hope that we will be able to reconnect in person in the coming months, the fact is that remote working will not go away with the pandemic. 56% of global companies already allow remote work, and 16% of companies exclusively hire remote workers.

These statistics are projected to continue growing as 73% of all departments are expected to have remote workers by 2028 and one recent survey found that 99% of respondents would like to work from home at least some of the time for the rest of their career.

To help your organization remain competitive in attracting and retaining top talent, it’s important to offer opportunities for employees to work outside of your office space, and it’s also essential to provide a compelling employee experience to these team members.

While working remotely comes with a number of benefits like improved job satisfaction and flexibility, there are also many challenges that can arise including:

  • Difficulty with communication and productivity
  • Disconnect with team members
  • Disengagement from company culture

These issues can have a negative impact on employee morale and your organization’s finances. Challenges with team members and lost productivity can negatively impact your company’s bottom line, and miscommunication alone can cost businesses between $4,000 and $6,000 per employee each year.

Delivering learning programs that enhance your employees’ communication and collaboration skills, can directly reduce costs and set your company up for greater financial success by increasing productivity.

Beyond the financial and morale-boosting impact of effective team operations, we also know that the vast majority of employees are willing to stay longer at a company that invests in their professional development. By providing training opportunities via multiple delivery methods across your organization, you can further bolster your employee engagement and retention efforts.

While the push to virtual delivery may have been accelerated as we navigate new business realities, L&D teams have a real opportunity to use digital trainings to propel their team members and organizations to even greater success.

Virtual Offerings from Emergenetics

Emergenetics has offered some webinar and eLearning solutions for a few years now, and we recently released two virtual experiences to support organizations who may be looking to strengthen employee connections, build culture, improve communication and strengthen productivity.

Our signature Meeting of the Minds experience has been transformed into a blended learning program. Designed for 10 – 30 employees, it provides a self-paced online learning course coupled with a facilitated virtual session to empower employees, managers and leaders – no matter their locations – to:

  • Enhance their self-awareness with insights into their strengths
  • Understand how their preferences impact work relationships
  • Strengthen communication and productivity with insights into individuals’ strengths and team dynamics
  • Improve outcomes and results utilizing cognitive diversity

For three to nine participants, we’ve also launched Team Dynamics for Small Groups. This program provides attendees with an overview of Emergenetics and reviews the individual and Group Profiles of the participants. The session empowers attendees with practical strategies to improve communication and collaboration as a team as well as considerations to boost productivity and problem solving.

Investing in virtual Learning & Development can be an effective way to address common team challenges, enhance performance and support remote workers in times of crisis or normal circumstances. As you search for ways to improve the digital offerings you deliver to employees, our team is available to help. We invite you to fill out the form below to learn more about our programs.

And, for tips to help you effectively facilitate the programs you are transforming into digital workshops, I encourage you to read this recent post from my colleague, Shana Bosler.

Discover how Emergenetics can support your employees no matter their location. Fill out the form below to connect with our team about our virtual programs today.

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