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Whether you’re in business meetings every day or just popping on for a family chat on the weekends, virtual gatherings have become a part of life. The video calls certainly help make the distance between our colleagues, friends or family members feel a little shorter, and they can also offer insights into your personality.

By opening up your home, even in a carefully curated way, you are giving whomever you’re connecting with an opportunity to get to know you and your preferences better. As you think about the rooms or backgrounds you and your colleagues regularly display, I invite you to consider how they may be giving away clues about their Emergenetics® preferences. Take a look at the Attributes below to see what your settings could be saying about you and your fellow meeting attendees!

NewAnalyticalAnalytical Indicators

The Analytical Attribute gravitates toward clean spaces where it can work without distraction and with maximum efficiency. When you see a minimalist approach, that may be a sign you are working with someone with this preference. Other clues can include items that indicate expertise in a field, such as a diploma or books focused on a particular topic.

Pen On PaperStructural Signals

Individuals who prefer Structural thinking appreciate order, so the phrase “a place for everything and everything in its place” can come to mind when you look at their background. While the number of items they exhibit may depend on some of the other preferences the person has, you can expect to see a tidy, organized set-up.

People talking bubbles iconSocial Signs

You may get an indication that you are speaking with someone who enjoys Social thinking when they have visible photos or mementos, especially ones that include or remind them of the people in their lives. Those with a Social preference may also be more inclined to show parts of their homes beyond a designated workspace, such as a living room or kitchen.

Light bulb with brain inside iconConceptual Clues

If you feel like there is a grab bag of experiences going on in the background, you could be interacting with someone with a Conceptual preference. This Attribute enjoys the unusual, so one day they might show a funny image and on the next day an piece of inspiring art. Another clue may be whiteboards with drawings or sketches.

Two talking bubbles iconExpressiveness Hints

Expressiveness is defined as the outward display of thoughts, feelings and emotions. When it comes to a meeting setting, you may notice that first-third colleagues occupy a solitary location while those in the third-third might be set up in the epicenter of their home. Another indicator can be the number of visible personal items. Those in the third-third may be more inclined to share more of themselves while first-third Expressiveness may be more understated.

Car iconAssertiveness Suggestions

This Attribute is difficult to reflect – unless there’s a race car behind you! Still, you can find some hints. If you notice a whiteboard with a cluster of quick due dates, for example, you could be working with third-third Assertiveness, while more methodical timelines could indicate first-third Assertiveness. You may also notice it in color schemes. If you see colors such as reds or oranges, that can be a sign of third-third Assertiveness while soothing colors like greens and blues may be more energizing for first-third Assertiveness.

Arrow on sign pointing in different directions iconFlexibility Indicators

You can start to pick up on Flexibility after a couple of virtual meetings. Those in the first-third tend to make a decision and stick with it, so they are likely to dial in on a particular setup and keep the experience consistent. Those who prefer third-third Flexibility are likely to switch things up whether that is their physical location or simply different items on display.

While your and your colleagues’ preferences are most likely going to come to life through your conversations and meetings, the physical spaces you occupy can still share some insights into who you are and how you prefer to work. If you’d like to send some hints to your colleagues about your Profile, I encourage you to use the ideas above to inform some changes to your backdrop.

Also, Emergenetics Associates, don’t forget to download the Emergenetics virtual background on Emergenetics+. It’s a great resource to use while training to make sure your setting doesn’t give away your preferences – until you’re ready to!

Want to discover more applications of the Emergenetics Profile to your work and life? Explore our website or speak with one of our team members by filling out the form below.

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