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It’s coming to an end of yet another insightful year. As we await our appraisal review with our bosses to discuss about how we have fared for the year, we each take time to reflect upon our contributions and performance within the team. Personally, I find it important to reflect on who you are now and how your experience in the past year has shaped you.

Reading Geil’s article “Take a Look Back at Your 2014 Year With These 5 Questions”, I found myself pondering on those points she has mentioned and reflecting deeper on the year that has gone by.

Through the year, understanding and applying Emergenetics has helped me in my personal and work life — gaining valuable insights and learning from my experiences.

In my personal life, during the times where disagreements and conflicts arise, Emergenetics has enabled me to put myself in the shoes of others and to understand where they come from – their thinking and behavioural preferences – and, to also understand that I perceive them through my own thinking and behavioural preferences.

Having gained a clearer understanding of how to connect and communicate with those pathways and behaviour, I have learnt to strategise with our profiles, and also accept that many of these disagreements and conflicts are not personal – just a function of our different brains.

Needless to say, seeing these strategies work may take some time, a little patience and extra effort. However, when things work out and fall in place, that’s all that matters! We learn through such experiences and interactions.

At work, I’m grateful for having such an amazing team to work with and proud of the values we uphold as a team and as individuals. Incorporating Emergenetics into my daily life has definitely helped me in my work with clients and Associates, and when communicating with fellow colleagues.

Living and breathing the language makes a huge difference as we are more aware of one another’s preferences and styles, in learning to embrace the uniqueness of each other and the diversity of the team. We work as a Whole Emergenetics team (WEteam) and from that, I have learnt so much from each other’s strengths. Not only have we excelled and grown as a team, the team has also played a part in my development and performance. I truly appreciate each and every member.

When I look back on the year, it’s easy to give thanks for the role Emergenetics has played in my personal development and in building my team, especially in the areas of team culture, team collaboration and team communication.

As Christmas approaches, in the season of giving, sharing and love, I want to give my best to my team in the next year, share the happiness and greatness of this team with others, and to embrace and love each member for their uniqueness.

During your year-end reflection, think about the gifts you have contributed to your team and what have you received from them this year? Take a moment to thank your team members for their strengths and journeying with you through your growth and accomplishments.

Wishing you a jolly Christmas and a good start to the new year!

About the Author

Geraldine is a Market Development Executive at Emergenetics International – Asia Pacific. She assists the Market Development team in organising marketing-related events, conducting market research, writing for the blog, and providing support for corporate client projects.

Geraldine has a Bachelor’s degree (Hon.) in Psychology and Forensic Science from the University of the West of England, United Kingdom. Prior to joining EGI-A, she has worked with special needs children (autism and ADHD) as a Behaviour Therapist.

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